29/05/2018 - Spike Games are the first to visit the FunFair.

Spike Games have been chosen to be the first games developer to develop or convert games onto Funfair's blockchain casino.  The game we have chosen as the first is the Alice Cooper game which has been doing so well on Betsson since its release in October last year.  

We see an opportunity to develop the knowledge needed to transport an online game on to the blockchain.  There are several problems that need to be addressed in order to make the game work e.g.: the blockchain isn't free.  This may sound strange now we've gotten used to a free internet with no charges but there is a maximum amount of data allowed to pass to the Funfair platform to keep the cost of playing down and guess what? It isn't a lot at all.  

Our dev team have spent a long time with the engine code pairing it right down to the bone which included a redesign of the way the results are sent too and from the game.  We got there in the end but it took some interesting turns.  

Next job is to connect the game to the fate channels which are Funfair's way to enable speedy play on the slow and steady blockchain.  Should be interesting, I'll keep you posted.


15/01/2018 - Spike makes Solid connection.

Spike game are proud to announce that they have successfully connected their remote gaming server (SpikeRGS) to the Solid Gaming distribution network in Asia.

Spike’s unique content is perfect for these new territories, and we look forward to distributing all our current and future content via Solid.

06/02/2017 - Super Candy Cash Launch!

To celebrate the launch of Super Candy Cash via the Openbet platform we're having a competition give away!  

See how many references to sweets you can find in the latest Super Candy Cash brochure and you will win a prize!

Alternatively if you see Rob or any of the team at ICE this year ask for a demo and claim you prize!  

Super Candy Cash is the latest Candy slot to come out of Spike Games Ltd.  The proven format delivers a different game experience to the player with wins available from anywhere in the 9 x 9 matrix, a sweet bonus feature and a mouthwatering mega feature will bring the players back for more. 

18/11/2016 - Shamrock Shuffle Launch.

Very excited about the new game launch and big thanks to Becky for her help with publicity.  

Shamrock was very well received by operators and distributors alike.  We're looking forward to the game release in January.  

10/11/2016 - We have a Trump card!



Could the Trump presidency be the catalyst for federal change that will finally allow legal online gambling in the states?

I'm not a Trump supporter but I'm not all impressed with the other side either regarding my own industry.  The handling of online gambling in America over the past 10 years has been shambolic at best. Giving states the job of deciding their own fate has only delivered chaos.

I've read that Sheldon Adelson (the Las Vegas casino magnate and major opponent to online gambling in America) gave Donald Trump $25m for his successful presidential campaign and therefore this means President Trump will ban online gambling; I'm not so sure.  

Donald Trump knows how much tax revenue can be generated by gambling receipts as he’s been in the casino business since 1982.  Surely as a businessman and a comparative liberal in Republican terms he won’t be happy to see the continuation of  billions of US dollars leaving America via illegal unregulated gambling sites.  

Add to this his relationship with Chris Christy, a very close adviser this must bode well for a change in direction?  Christy, who is now set to take a top Whitehouse position oversaw the introduction of online gambling in New Jersey in 2011 where one of the first casinos given a licence was of course: Trump's Taj Mahal.  

Huge! Incredible! Fingers crossed.

27/10/2016 - Spike Games expands.

Spike Games are proud to announce they have secured one of the most talented coders in the business.

Ryan Gibson has a wealth of experience in the online slots industry having worked for Alchemybet and Gaming Realms on some seriously profitable games such as:  Candy Cash,  Greedy Goblins, slingo cashlines and slingo shuffle roulette to name but a few.

Not only are his game programming talents second to none but he's also a talented graphic designer with a good eye for game graphics too.

Rob Anderson (Spike Games Founder) said:' It's great to be re-united with Ryan.  I work with him at Alchemybet and was always very impressed with his attitude as well as his talents.  You can give Ryan a job to do and you know when you next meet he'll have delivered more than you expected and solved problems you didn't even think of.  

Welcome aboard Ry!

23/09/2016 - Time’s up for dear old George.

Anybody remember the G for George button?  It’s what Autostart used to be called before the internet.  Named after the auto pilot on the Lancaster bomber apparently (source: Rick Mountney, Barcrest ’92).



Autostart was a device on a pub or club fruity that came in very handy when you needed to light your cigarette, have a stretch, or kiss your girlfriend.   Simple in functionality; press to start, press again to stop.  Stopped automatically when you hit a feature.  Easy.

Fast forward to the present day: Press Autostart and you’re hit with the flight deck of the Starship Enterprise.   Choose your Number of Spins, choose your Max Win Limit, choose Single Win limit, choose your Loss limit, choose to stop if you win a Jackpot?  Choose life! No time to kiss your girlfriend (who’s now your wife and probably doesn’t want a kiss to be honest)  And what’s this: UKGC RTS8?  We’ve now got to retro fit all our games with a new function that will allow a player to set their stake before autostart begins?  It’s too much for me, I’m out!

All these essential functions take weeks to test and longer to certify.   And for what? (According to my sources Autostart is used by only 2% of players and whose to say that the 2% won’t simply go back to pressing Start?)  I’m not the only one to axe Autostart; I know of one other developer at least who’s done his sums, and done away with dear old George.

23/09/2016 - Developing an RGS.

When developing and RGS, the most important thing is to think about the big picture. There is no point in developing something so bespoke that whilst it may perform excellently for one client it is totally unsuitable for another. It’s tricky to try to look ahead but it must be done if you’re going to avoid pitfalls and many re-writes.


The job of a remote gaming server (RGS) is to deliver your games to a 3rd party in the most efficient way possible. The code must be lightweight and the latest version of the chosen language. We use .net for our build; it’s very well supported and has all the tools built in to it so you can supply an end product to your clients confidently knowing your side is robust and reliable.

Plug and play is a phrase often used when talking about new software APIs but what does it mean when you’re talking about games delivery? Imagine one client wants their games to connect to Microgaming and another to NYX and another to Leander? We know that this is very likely and more often these days developers will want to link up to all 3 and more. The problem with this is that each distributor has different commands for the same action. They have different software languages and uniquely named variables delivered in XML or some other format (probably named after someone’s favourite fruit or drink). That’s the bad news. There is however (as usual) some good news: they all do the same job. That’s right they all ask for (more or less) the same customer information (username/password). They all want to know the player’s balance and have the ability to alter it. Of course there’s the certified random number that must pass through and all of the above must be highly encrypted so our friends in the underworld can’t get their grubby hands all over Lucky-Fred777’s Jackpot.
The solution is obvious: You find commonality, you take it through your filter and pop it out the other end in a form the RGS can use. That’s what we call ‘Plug and Play’. It’s like a travel plug for your games (I just can’t think of a snappy name other than ‘the travel plug’ (feel free to suggest a better one)).

The new SpikeRGS will be available in Q2 fully certified and tested. If you need one; contact

23/09/2016 - School’s Out for Spike!

Alice Cooper an American icon is famed for stage shows featuring guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood,

boa constrictors, baby dolls, and dueling swords. Spike Games has teamed up with one of the most iconic

Cooper songs Schools out for Summer for use in the world of digital entertainment. When asked about the

inspiration for this song Cooper once said “What’s the greatest three minutes of your life?… The last three

minutes of the last day of school when you’re sitting there and it’s like a slow fuse burning.” Bringing one of

the best feelings of anticipation to a slot format is why Spike Games has inked this deal. In Britain, the song

went to #1 on the UK Singles Chart for three weeks in August 1972.



Rob Anderson founder of Spike Games said “I love everything about this song. Alice Cooper is a huge deal

worldwide, he’s as popular in China as he is in his home town. What attracted us most was how visually

stunning Alice Cooper is. Everyone instantly knows the band when they see the famous one of a kind Alice

Cooper makeup. School’s out as a song has a timeless chorus and guitar riffs known by everyone young

and old.” Alice Cooper’s merchandiser and licensing agent, Global merchandising Services, said: “ We love

the team at Spike Games and their whole approach to the Alice Cooper brand. Rob’s knowledge and

experience in slot game design stretches back 25 years and the quality of Spike Games product speaks for


Spike Games has an existing library of proven slots aimed at the UK and international markets. This new

must have game will be available for mobile, tablet and PC in HTML5 hosted on the SpikeRGS and is

available for licence and distribution Q1 2016.

Play the games

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